Shahpour cave is located at the end of Chogan strait in a mountain located towards the north, 5 Km away from Bishapour in Kazeroun, 130 Km away in the west of Shiraz, in Fars province, at E51,36.723 , N29,48,449 , h=1400 m above the sea level and about 500 m higher than the surrounding area.


The cave has a 30-meter wide entrance that is a cultural-historical and natural attraction, known as the Shahpour cave because of the stone statue of the first Shahpour of the Sasaniyan dynasty at the entrance of the cave. The huge Shahpour statue is 7 m tall, 2 m wide and it weighs about 30 Tons known as the greatest ancient stone statue in Iran. It is stone cut from a stone pillar and is a masterpiece of Sasaniyan dynasty backs to 1700 years ago.

The first Shahpour was the first one who built the city of Bishapour in 262 A.D., the second Sasani king and the sun of Ardeshir Papakan who was the founder of Sasaniyan dynasty.

Not only is this huge statue the special attraction of this area, but also the archeological city of Bishapour, the surrounding stone walls and other man-made works inside the cave show lots of archeological relics from ancient Iran.

The archeological city of Bishapour is about 200 hectares in 3 parts. The main part is surrounded by a stone wall that was the court and religious, such as monarchy hall, Valeriyan palace, Mosaic yard and balcony and Anahita temple. The second part was for the guards to protect the city, it consists of Dokhtar castle which is located in the north of the city on mount Shahpour. The third part consists of Islamic school in Aleboyieh dynasty, the great mosque, Bishapour baths, and memorial monuments of beams. The wall of the gate of Bishapour city was 248 m long and 9 m wide, which has 21 semi-circular shaped towers 3.5 m high. Memorial monument and its inscription, Bishapour great mosque, Chogan strait and stone cuttings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 each is a unique attraction itself that cannot be described in this short article.

It is recommended in your trip to Fars province, to have a one-day trip or even more for seeing attractions and setting information about its history.


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