Takhte Soleyman or Shiz is the name of a vast historical site, which is about 12.5 hectares, next to a spring, in a plain located under the Baalkaash Mountains and the Belqeys summit is 3332 m high.


Takhte Soleyman temple is located in Takhte Soleyman village, 42 km away from the north of Takab at E47,14.201 , N36,36.109 , h=2170 m above the sea level. It is one of the unique places that lets us do research on different ancient periods of Iran. The evidence of Middle Pala Eolithic era (100 to 40 thousand years ago) and Neanderthals life and a temple from Mannaee era in the south of the mount Zendan, Achaemenians, Ashkaniyan and Sasaniyan dynasty in different places in the site or around mount Belqeys and Soleyman prison are found. The circular-shaped walls around the fire-temple must be remained from Ashkaniyan dynasty like the wall of Tisfoun. Circular or oval shaped walls have been popular during Ashkaniyan dynasty. 36 crenation of the wall could have been used as a calendar like the one in Stone Henge. Azargoshnasb fire-temple which means stallion (male horse) fire, and is one of the three famous fire-temples of Zoroasterians, is the most important part of Takhte Soleyman, all of them were built by “Pirouz”, the Sasaniyan king and the father of “Anooshirvan”. It is mentioned in some sources that Zoroaster was born in the city of Shiz in Azarbayejan, and has gone to mount Sabalan and in his privacy in the mountain, the holly book of Avesta descended to him.

Azargoshnasb fire-temple has been the temple of the kings and the fighters; in fact it has been a military, cultural and religious base of the country and in its own era, it has been like the Perspolis for Achaemenians. In addition, because of the fire, it was an administrative and a judicial center; it was also placed along the strategic and important corridor of Iran kingdom too. Another importance of Shiz during Sasaniyan dynasty was protecting the book of Avesta. The holly lake Chichost, and its location in Azarbayejan which was the prophet Zoroaster’s place of birth and being close to Roman eastern borders and Qafqaaz, gold and other precious metals close to the city of Tisfoon has made Shiz remarkably important. It is said that during coronations and military expeditions, Sasaniyan kings have walked to this holly place and have prayed and asked for help from the holly fire and Anahita.

Ferdowsi (An Iranian poet of over 1000 years ago) said: Bahrame Goor (5th Bahram in Sasaniyan dynasty) before facing Khaqan, had gone to Ahooramazda (God of Zoroasterians) or Anahita in Shiz, and when he defeated, he returned to the temple with the other commander of wars to pray.

Takhte Soleyman was important during Mongol Ilkhanian dynasty too. Abaqakhan, a Mongol king, who was governing in Maraqeh , built a court and a hunting ground in this area.

Mount Zendan has been formed by remains of the sediments of the former spring that is located at E47,12.087, N36,36.863 , h=2245 m is another natural and historical attraction of this area. It is recommended to visit Takhte Soleyman in the middle of spring to enjoy the most by visiting the green nature attractions. You can also visit other attractions such as Sahoolan water-cave, Koroftu ancient cave, moving island etc.


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