Nashtifan windmills are located in Nashtifan, 18 km away from the south of khaaf, 270 km away from the south of Mashhad in Khorasan Razavi province, at E60,10.492 , N34,25.914 , h=875 m above the sea level.


There are 120-day winds of Sistan in the warm months of the year in the east of Iran, according to the ruins in Shahr-i-Sokhta and Dahaneh Qolaman hill, using windmills in the east of Iran backs to over 5000 years ago, which some wind mills are still active in some areas in Sistan, South Khorasan such as Nehbandan and Khorasan Razavi like Nashtifan. According to the antiquity of the windmills in the east of Iran, it is known as the symbol of technology in ancient Iran, that they started to use the wind power, which has been followed in the east and the west of the world.

Right now, there are 34 windmills in Nashtifan that 5 of them are still working. They are located on top of the hills in the city that overlook the old cemetery of the city which can get the maximum of the wind power. Nashtifan windmills back to Teymouriyan dynasty that as they have been used constantly, they have been maintained, repaired and fixed continually.

These beautiful and wonderful constructions which are made of local and traditional materials have accurate engineering principles. The vertical axle of these windmills transfers the power directly to the stone and in this case they are more efficient than the European and the western ones.

One-day trip or even more is recommended to visit these wonderful windmills on your trip to Mashhad and Khorasan. This area is the heart of Khorasani music, such as Dotaar, Choob dance etc. You can also enjoy the other attractions of Nashtifan such as underground shelters, Qanats, traditional cloths, traditional and local foods, staying in local homes etc.


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