Neyshabour is located 104 Km away in the west of Mashhad, in Khorasan-Razavi province, North-East of Iran and on the main Silk Road. Neyshabour is known as the city of scientists, artists and poets. It has a rich cultural, great art and trading in the 3th millennium B.C. It has been the capital of Taherids in the 10th century A.D.


Before formation of Mashhad, Neyshabour has been the center of the great Khorasan for centuries. But it was damaged by Mongols attack, other fights and the earthquake. The new city was built during Teymurids era and expanded during Safavids and Qajars era and now as the second city of Khorasan-Razavi province after Mashhad has a special role.

The archeological city of Shadyakh, Khayam, Attar and Kamal-al-Molk tombs, the traditional roofed bazaar, Emamzadeh Mahrouq, Jame mosque, Amin-Eslami garden and building, Khyam museum, caravansary, Dehkadeh-Choubi (the wooden village), etc. are the main tourist attractions of Neyshabour.

The city of Kharv, Razavi path, Dizbade-Olya village, Binaloud Summit, turquoise mine, Baqroud the country, Doroud the country, Neyshabour caravansaries and Robats are the main tourist attractions around the city.

Various precious stones and jewels like turquoise and special products such as fruits, nuts, dry fruits, plum, fruit roll and local bread are the best souvenirs of Neyshabour.

It is advised to visit this archeological city on your trip to the North-East of Iran and Mashhad. 



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