Imam Reza’s Shrine as the most touristic and a place for pilgrimage in Iran attracts over 20 million tourists and pilgrims each year. It is located in Mashhad, Khorasane-Razavi Province in the North-East of Iran.

Imam Reza’s Shrine as a holy place has included the masterpieces of architecture and designs of different eras, since the past 10 centuries. This holy place shows the Iranian artists and architectural masterpieces. The yards, corridors, mosques, balconies and other places, include valuable samples of tile work, mirror work, plaster work, gold work, silver work, stone work, Moarraq, Moqarnas, etc. Each of them is the best and a unique artistic sample, affected by religious beliefs of the artists, with a high quality, creates one of the wonderful historical and religious attractions of the world.

The main parts of the Shrine are: The shiny sepulcher, the gold dome, the gold window, the gold balcony, Saqa-Khaneh (the water home), Naqar-Khaneh, clock tower, Goharshad historic mosque, Library, central museum, Quran Museum, Carpet museum and anthropology museum.

Mashhad has been the capital of Iran in different historical eras, such as Taherids and Afsharids (before Tehran). It is the greatest city in Iran after the capital. According to the population of the tourists coming to this city, it includes about half of the touristic infrastructures, constructions and the facilities of Iran.

Islamic religious events are according to the Lunar year, so they rotate in different seasons each year and has made Mashhad a four-season touristic destination, especially around the Shrine you will enjoy the night life and welcoming the tourists and the pilgrims.

The other pilgrimage attractions of Mashhad are: Khaje-Rabi, Khaje-Abasalt, Khajeh-Morad, Pire-Palandouz, Gonbad-Sabz, Gonbade-Kheshti, Emamzadegan Yaser and Naser, Emamzadeh Yahya and Emamzadeh Mahrouq.

The other attractions of Mashhad are: The museum of Nader-Shah tomb of Afsharids, Kouhsangi Park, the great museum of Khorasan, Mellat Park including the Luna-park, Vahdat Park, water parks, the Shah bath, Mehdi-Qoli-Beyk bath, Sheykh Bahaee tomb, Abbas-Qoli-Khan school, Sheykh Tabarsi tomb, Mosalla historical complex, the museum of water, the museum of Natural science and history, the museum of championship rules, Malek house, Darouqeh house, Baba-Qodrat caravansary, etc.

The famous bazaars in Mashhad are: Sepah complex, including Almase-Sharq, Khayam, etc. Mashhad Mall, Reza Bazaar, the great carpet bazaar, Khorasan art bazaar, central bazaar, Padideh complex in Shandiz, Zist-Khavar, Salman, Vilazh-Tourist, Proma, Kian-Center, Hakim bazaar, Jennat bazaar, Goharshad bazaar, Besat bazaar in Torqabeh, etc.

Torqabeh, Shandiz, Vakil-Abad park, Vakil-Abad zoo, Chalidarreh Dam, Ferdowsi tomb, Tous museum, Harounieh building, Shotor-Sang inscription, Haft-Hoze, Moqan cave, Golestan Dam, Toroq Dam, Mosala Toroq, Toroq caravansary, Veyrani caravansary, Shir-Abad ski slope, Kardeh dam, Madha castle, Abegarm waterfall, Ortokand waterfall, Akhlamad waterfall, Qaresou waterfall, Kalate Nader and Emarate-Khorshid, Tandoureh national park including Chehel-Mir valley, Mir valley, Radkan tower, Akhangan tower, Sharaf caravansary, Nashtifan windmills, Qasabeh Qanat in Gonabad, Karrat minaret, Bazeh hour, Bazangan lake, Shamkhal valley, Mozdouran cave, Gourab springs, the archeological site of Bandian in Dargaz are the main attractions around Mashhad.

The handicrafts of Mashhad are stone-made products such as Dizi (the stone pot), Stone mortar, stone hand mill, stone knick-knacks, Precious stone jewels, etc. Carpet, rug and small carpet of Mashhad with their unique designs, color and quality are very famous in the world. Leather, wool and coat products, sheep skin, mattress, felt, embroidery, etc.

The souvenirs of Mashhad are: Saffron, Barberry, Jujube, dry plum, chick pea and raisin, seven color spices, Razavi bread, Paderazi cookies, nuts, dry fruits, precious stones and jewels such as agate and turquoise and the religious gifts. Dairy products of Mashhad are very famous. Mashhad has special delicious organic fruits like melon, cherry, peach, plum and apricot in their own seasons.

Mashhad has various cuisines. Not only are there traditional and local foods of Mashhad and Khorasan, but also there are a lot of international and national restaurants. Sholeh, Shishlik, Yakhni, Digcheh, Mahicheh, Stone Dizi, Halim, Barg-Kebab are the main cuisines of Mashhad. Do not miss the Tollab traditional ice-cream in Mashhad.

Khaaf is the center of Khorasani music. Raqse-Choub (stick dance) is the local dance of Khorasan. Bachoukheh wrestling is the traditional sport of Khorasan. It takes place in Mashhad and North of Khorasan such as Qouchan, Dargaz, Esfarayen on special days each year.

Traditional health care, herbalists and phlebotomy are popular in this area and have high quality. Mashhad has a lot of modern hospitals and it is the center of Medicare and the tourist therapy in Iran at reasonable prices too.


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