Jomhour Castle that nowadays is called Babak Castle is located 7 Km away in South-West of Kaleybar, 190 Km away in North-East of Tabriz, in Azarbayejan province and North-West of Iran in E046, 58.838 & N38, 50.29 and 2385 meters above the sea level.

The castle is surrounded by 400 to 600-meter deep valleys and there is just a path to the castle. There was the place that Babake-Khorramdin and his soldiers could defend for 22 years against the Arab army attacks and win by Partisan attacking system.

To reach Babak Castle, after driving about 183 Km from Tabriz to Ahar and Kaleybar, you should go along a mountainous asphalt road for 7 Km more to the start point at E046, 59.393 & N38, 51.451 and 1850 meters above the sea level. It is a 5-Km hiking to and returns to the castle from this point. There are almost some off-road cars which you can go by to a place at E046, 58.390 & N38, 50.694 and 2175 meters above the sea level. From the last point, it is about 1900 meters hiking which takes about one hour and half to go and return.

There are some Nomad tents as accommodations and Nomad fresh bread and cuisines to be served.

It is advised to visit this unique historical tourist attraction on your trip to North-West of Iran. On your trip to Kaleybar you can also visit: Khoda-Afarin Bridge Qarlouja Tower, Shahzadeh-Qasem Temple, Aynalou building, Vaniq Cherch, Yatravan Bridge, Darrehsi Castle, Aras Borderline River and Arasbaran forest too.

The souvenirs and handicrafts of the area are such as: walnut, Whortleberry, Weaving Verney, Coarse blanket, durries rug, etc.


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