Dezful is 720 Km away from Tehran, 150 Km away from Ahwaz and 300 Km away from the Persian Gulf, in Khouzestan province, South-West of Iran in E48, 24 & N31, 23 and about 150 meters above the sea level.

Dezful has several national monuments from prehistoric to archeological era and after Islam which is a unique cultural touristic destination. Being located on the bank of the Dez River and green nature of Khouzestan plain, forms special natural attractions, several farms, agricultural products and handicrafts.

Sasanid Bridge as the symbol of Dezful is the oldest bridge in the world which is still being used since the past 18 centuries. The other attractions of the city are as follows: The old brick-made area of the city, water constructions and watermills, the bank of the Dez River which has a lot of restaurants and parks along, museum of water, Kornasian public bath remained from Zands era (The museum of anthropology), Qomesh (which are the Qanats located on the banks of the river that transfer the river water to surrounding areas), Dezful main mosque, traditional bazaar, Prophet Hezqil tomb and the tomb of Roudband and Sabze-Qaba.

The other attractions of the suburbs of Dezful are: Choqabanut and Choqamish-archeological hills in Shoushan plain, Gondishapour excavated city from Sasanid era, water canals, Pilpapila Bridge from Parthian era, Yaqoube-Leys tomb of Saffarids, Dezshah castle from Nader-Shah of Afsharids, Shadab castle, Dez Dam, Shahyoun Lake including water sports such as boating, swimming, water skiing, Shahyoun Islands, Koulkhersoun and Dobiroun valleys in Sardasht and Shahyoun, Chalcandy and Soufi-Ahmad are the main tourist attractions there.

Rivers and lakes are the homes and shelters for several animals and birds that make Dezful a destination for birds watching and animal lovers.

Islam-Abad village, Leyous stone village and Pamenar village are the main eco-tourist destinations.

Dezful has several handicrafts which can be found all around the city especially in the traditional bazaar. Gapoo, woodcarving, calligraphy pen, Nickel silvers, cupper works, Felts and coarse rug are the main handicrafts of Dezful.

Shout Aash, Ardeh Aash, Dezfuli Qalieh, Sparrow Kebab, Sparrow fritter, Baqelesuz, Oily bread, Date cookie, sugar cookie, candy, milky bread, sesame admixture, sesame bread and mint candy are the cuisines and local food products.

Agricultural products such as orange, sour orange, date, grape, mountain almond, etc. have a special taste and quality.

It is advised to visit Dezful in the cold half of the year and enjoy historical and natural attractions, cuisines, local products and handicrafts. You will enjoy warm welcoming and hospitality of the locals.


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