Masouleh Village is 26 Km away from south-west of Fouman in Gilan province, located E48, 59.419 & N38, 9.241 and 1000 meters above the sea level. Masouleh village is built on the mountains which has a stair shaped architecture that the roof of the one home is the yard of the other. This architecture and the attractive green nature make a unique and charming view. The village is on Talesh Mountains next to the waterfall and the river, facing a green forest including old trees.

The village is about 150000 square meters. The length is about 500 meters from east to west and the width is about 300 meters from North to South. It consists of four main areas and the six smaller ones. The population is about 10000 in the summer and about 2000 in the winter. The ground level varies about 100 meters from the top to the lowest point which makes a unique architectural landmark. 

The main paths and alleys are the roof of homes. So while walking there, you will move on the roof of the homes. These paths are connected to each other with some high stone stairs. Most of the homes are the two-storey ones made of mud-brick, stones mortar, wooden beams and the fern as a natural water insulator.

It is believed by Some people that Masouleh is 1300 years old and some others say it is 2500 years or even 3500 years old, when the people left the old Masouleh (about 6 Km on the west of Masouleh) and moved to this area. The most attractive part of Masouleh is the traditional Bazaar, without roof in different levels of ground, that some Iron working, hammer making, knife making and chamoush sewing are being done there.

The souvenirs are:  hand-woven crafts, Masouleh dolls, Local costumes, mountain vegetables and other food products.

Nowadays Masouleh is a four-season destination for the tourists. But the most attractive time is the middle of the spring that the nature is green and fresh. On holidays Masouleh will be very crowded.

There are some local homes and a hotel as the accommodation in the village and there is a night life too. There are some other attractions in the area as the Roudkhan Castle, Shazdeh-Ebrahim village, Saqalaksar Lake, The museum of Gilan village heritage, etc. You can also enjoy local foods and products.



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