The Pasargad international heritage is a complex of the monuments, remained from the Acaemenian dynasty in Fars province, 135 Km away in the North of Shiraz, in Pasargad area that its coordinate is E53,10.245 & N30,11.495 and 1860 m above the sea level.

Pasargad has been the first capital of the Acaemenians Empire, which was built in the 6th century B.C. in Pars (Iranian territory), by the 2ed great Cyrus’s order. Palaces, gardens and the great Cyrus’s tomb are the outstanding symbol of the Acaemenians royal architecture and art and a special evidence of the Persian civilization. In this 160-hectare site, there are valuable remains such as the 2ed great Cyrus’s tomb, Teltakht, a strong monument of the royal public hall the gate of the palaces complex, living palace and the gardens.

Pasargad has been the capital of the first and the greatest multinational empire in the west of Asia. The territory was from the East Meditrain to Egypt and the Hindus River. The Acaemenians are known as the first empire of the world that honored the variety of their people’s culture. This point of view in the Acaemenians architecture, reflects the combination of the mixed various cultures.

The harmony of the black and white marble stones, especially in the foundations is attractive. The stones are taken from Sivand area.

The complex includes the monuments such as the great Cyrus’s tomb, Pasargad kingdom garden, The Gate palace, the bridge, the public audience palace, the private palace, Dokoushk, waterslides of the king garden, the tomb of Kamboujieh, Teltakht defending fortifications, Mozaffari caravansary, the Holly area and the Bolaqi strait.

Pasargad fire-temple is located 1500 m away from the great Cyrus’s private palace, in the east of Morqaab plain, the great Cyrus’s audience palace is 600 m away in the North-East of the tomb of the great Cyrus and his private palace locates 15 Km away in the North-West of the great Cyrus audience palace.

This complex is registered on the world’s heritage list as the 5th Iranian monument, because it includes a lot of parameters that could take one hundred percent of the votes to be registered as an International heritage in the UNESCO meeting in 2004 in China.

Pasargad complex is one of the main attractions in Iran, which attracts lots of incoming and domestic tourists to come to Iran and Shiraz each year.



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