The rocky and hand curved stones village of Meymand which is 36 km to the north east of Babak city in Kerman province, near Yazd, Sirjan, Abbas port road and located at E55,22.533 , N30, 13.830 , h 2190 m.


This 12000 year old village has 404 alleys and 560 rooms inside the mountains with its own locals. This village is the 7th natural, cultural and historical symbol of the world and has been registered internationally as the 19th national monument of Iran.

This area has several archeological stone curves such as Eshkoft curves which are 8 km away from the north of the village at E57, 26.309, N30, 15.317, h 2415 m which are about 12 thousand years old and proves the ancient civilization of this area.

Local nomads have three migrations that is unique in Iran. They keep animals in stables and stay in the village for some months, for some other months in gardens. In this case just one person stays there to take care of the animals and the other members of the family go to the gardens without animals which is a unique way of migration.

You can be served at the rocky restaurant of the village and buy herbs and other medicinal plants of the mountainous area.

It is recommended to have a one-day trip or even more to visit this village and its archeological stone curves.


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