The National treasury of jewels is located in front of the German embassy next to the Istanbul crossroads on Ferdowsi St. Tehran, Iran.


This treasury contains the most valuable jewels of the world which have been collected during centuries and it is the bankroll of Iran national money which is kept by the central bank of Iran. All the tourists can see this unique treasury from Saturday to Tuesdays from 14 to 16:30 o’clock.

Each part of these valuable jewels includes the rich history of Iran and describes the Iranian artists, work of art and also it reminds us of lots of ups and downs, failures and successes, victories and defeats, and the glory of the kings’ of Iran.  Before being impressed by the attractions of the jewels try to know about their history which tells you about the culture and the history of Iran, and also you can see just one third of the jewels which are kept in central bank of Iran. There is one question that no one can answer:

How much does this treasury cost?

Nobody knows. Because lots of jewels in this site which are unique in the world, even the best experts in this field cannot make an estimate for the treasury, because of its art, history and the uniqueness of the jewels.

This valuable and unique treasury with its history from centuries ago has been passed on to us as the cultural heritage and the symbol of the Iranians authority, wealth, taste and art.

Now you can see the unique treasury of jewels and precious stones which have been collected for ages showing the  history of the oldest country in the world.


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