The trip starts at the zero-line border of Iran and Iraq at the custom of Shalamcheh at E048,01.924, N30,30.218, h 30 m  and ends at the zero-line border of Iran and Pakistan at Gowatr Gulf at E061,30.109, N25,09.925, h 10 m. This is a 1450 km air travel, about 1900 km by land along the coastline and 2250 km along the asphalt road.


We will pass through “Shalamcheh”, “Khoramshahr”, “Abadan”, “Mahshahr port”, “Zohreh”, “Hendijan”, “Deylam port”, “Ganaveh port”, “Borazjan”, “Boushehr harbor”, “Delvar”, “Deyr port”, “Ahram”, “Khormoj”, “kangan port”, “Siraf (Taheri) port”, “Asalouyeh port”, “Parsiyan (Gavbandi)”, “Charak port”, “Lengeh port”, “Khamir port”, “Abbas harbor”, “Minab”, “Hormoz archeological city”, “Siric port”, “Jask port”, “Konarak”, “Chabahar” and “Pasabandar” on this trip.

On the trip, you will enjoy watching coastline natural views, monuments, war sites, the museum of holly defense, industrial constructions, shopping in free zones, Harra forests with local birds and creatures, local colorful flora, palm trees, mud spring, Gando alligators, Chamestan hot springs (25 km away from Abbas harbor). You can also enjoy entertainments such as swimming, diving, boating, Lenj (traditional yacht), fishing and other water sports. You will enjoy meeting locals, their culture and clothing style, Bandari music, the music of work, Balouchi music, local music instruments, local dances, coffee ceremonies and also fresh sea foods such as fish, shrimp, local rare fruits such as bananas, mango, date, etc. which are other attractions of the trip. Accessories and knick-knacks made by pearl, fish bones, and colorful shells, corals, starfish, etc. that are souvenirs and handy crafts of South of Iran. Producing Lenj, weaving Gelim, Namad, Abaa, embroidering, sewing, making Basket, sweep, fan, straw mat by palm leaves are other handy crafts.

Although Iranian locals are hospitable and welcoming people, the locals of the south of Iran are much warmer. 

The best time to pass this warm and humid road is the winter and the beginning of spring and at least one or two weeks are required.


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