Izadkhast archeological castle is in the center of Iran, the North of Fars Province, 120 Km away in the South of Isfahan, 333 Km away in the North of Shiraz, 66 Km away from Abadeh, 60 Km away from Shahreza, next to Isfahan-Shiraz highway. It coordinates E052, 07.736 & N31, 30.791 and about 2250 m above the sea level.

Izadkhast Castle is known as Sarsang Castle too. In the travel log of Perno Morris; it is called the Nest of Eagles. It is the first multi floors construction in the world which has used natural and simple materials such as mud-brick, mud, wood and straw to build up to 7 floors.

Izadkhast castle is built on a flowstone rock that is surrounded by the natural precipices from 3 sides that are up to 70 m deep and for this; it has a perfect defending condition. The only way to enter the castle is over a portable wooden bridge over a manmade ditch in the South. The remains of the pillars, walls, corridors, homes, mosque and the public bath are still there.

The castle area is about 20,000 m2. About 5000 locals have lived there. They had lived in the castle up to about 150 years ago. Then they left the castle and made the new city next to the river in Izadkhast Valley. The fire-temple of Izadkhast has been a four-arch structure with stone pillars about 11 m high and it has been one of the most famous fire-temples of Fars Province. Since Islam, the fire-temple has been used as a mosque.

Many travel loggers and East researchers have written about Izadkhast Castle: such as Edward Brown, Sad-Alsaltaneh Manyaee, Dr. Hazishen Brokshen, Ebne-Batouteh, Dobad, Dr. John Fryer, Dr. Wilimag Jackson and Perno Morris.

The other attractions of Izadkhast are:

  • The great valley of Izadkhast which is 50 Km long.
  • Izadkhast River which starts from Morvarid Mountain and provides water for the agricultural farms and husbandries.
  • Several manmade caves along the valley go back to Mads Dynasty and the entrance of Aryans to this area.
  • Izadkhast curved dam as the first curved dam in the world which is located in Galougah (bottle neck) area that is the narrowest point of the valley and goes back to Sasanids Dynasty.
  • Izadkhast Safavids caravansary near the Izadkhast River is square shaped and is 4000 m2 which goes back to Shah-Abbas of Safavids, about 4 centuries ago.
  • Safavids Bridge in front of caravansary over the Izadkhast River was built on five arcs.
  • Nourbakhsh monitoring tower on the East corner of Izadkhast Valley which is cylindrical shaped and was built by the army about 90 years ago.

Izadkhast stair shaped village, the biggest railroad bridge in the Middle East, Izadkhast gardens, the woods, Emamzadeh Seyd-Ali and the memorial of Izadkhast martyrs are the other attractions of Izadkhast. It is recommended to visit this unique archeological site on your trip from Isfahan to Shiraz.


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