Hormoz Island is a part of Qeshm and Hormozgan province in the South of Iran. This island is located at the entrance of the Persian Gulf in the Hormoz strait. It is 18 Km away in the South-East of Bandar-Abbas, 25 Km away in the North-East of Qeshm Island and 18 Km away from the North of Larak Island. It is located between N27, 02 to N27, 06 and E56, 25 to E56, 30.

Hormoz Island is oval-shaped. The length is between 7.5 to 9 Km and the width is 5.5 Km. the area is about 45 Km2.

Hormoz Island is the end of the Zagros (mountain ranges) in the South of Iran. This island is a salt dome. It is not flat, except its North side which is curved from the East to the West, the rest of the Island is not flat but mountainous. The highest point of Hormoz Island is 228 meters above the sea level. There are unique geological materials in Hormoz Island which are known as Hormoz formations. The stones in this formation consists of salt, plaster including flowstone and igneous. The heights of Hormoz Island come in yellow, white, red, etc. There is a red mountain about 200 meters high among the other mountains in the South of the island. Its soil is used in making tile, producing paint, making rustproof, producing cosmetics and toiletries and bulletproof glasses industries. The locals use its red and soft soil in cooking and making pickles and jams.

The flora in the island is limited to equatorial plants. They grow on the flat areas and the raceways. Palm, Mesquite, Leek, Lotus, Mimosa, Ceiba, salt and dry plants are the main plants of the island which live long. The fauna of the island are: goat, deer, fox, hedgehog, snake, lizard and the birds such as flamingo, seabird, sea swallow etc.

Hormoz Island has been named Armo, Armaz, Tirous, Joron, Charon, Zeron, Maqestan and Hormozia in the historical documents. Hormoz Island has a high Geographical and strategic location in the Hormoz strait. Albo-Kerk (The Portuguese sailor), has said: “If the world is a ring, Hormoz is its jewel”. The island was invaded by the Portuguese, so the Portuguese castle is a tourist attraction in the island now.

Hormoz Island is a touristic zone now. The seaside stone and rocky cliffs, sea food and cuisine, the flora and fauna are such as shark, dolphin, turtle, sea anemone, deer, coral reef, colorful salt dome, sparse forests and grasslands, Portuguese castle and the artillery, Zaferanieh house and the water reservoir are the attractions of the Hormoz Island. Over 70 colors are obtained from the soil and each year a soil carpet is designed by the artists in the western sea side of the island.

It is safe all over the island for trekking, cycling and camping. The weather is warm and humid, so it is advised to visit the island in the cold half of the year. You can reach the island from Bandar-Abbas or Qeshm Island. Hormoz Island is a part of Qeshm free zone; so the tourists can enter and stay there up to two weeks without visa.


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