The city of Yazd is an archeological land, having a brilliant heritage of the culture and civilization of different eras during the last 3000 years and it is the best sample of the dry cities in the heart of the desert. It is internationally registered in UNESCO as a world heritage in 2017.

The city of Yazd is the center of the Yazd province which is located 677 km away in the South-East of Tehran. The city is surrounded by Shir-Kouh and Kharanaq mountains. It is known as the city of Baadgir (Wind-Catcher), the city of Bicycle and the city of sweets too. After Islam, Yazd was called “Daar-ol-Ebadeh” too.

Although some evidence from Ilami and Maad era are found in Yazd, but the creation of the city has been by the first Yazdgerd in Sasanian dynasty and the name of the city is according to his name or Yazdan (God).

During Sasanian dynasty, this area had a great economic and social condition and it has been really developed and civilized. Over 6500 historical evidence found in Yazd province that 1250 of them have been nationally registered.

The weather of the city is dry and desert-like that is hot and dry in the summer, and cold and dry in the winter.

The attractions of Yazd are: Amir-Chakhmaq Sq., Shah-Tahmaasb mosque, Molla-Emaeel mosque, Rig mosque, The tower and the wall of the old city of Yazd, Emam-Zadeh Jafar, Hag-Yousof water reservoir, Mortaaz house, Seyd Shams-o-din tomb, Fazel prince, Malek-o-Tojjar house, Ziaeyeh school or Alexander prison, Dowlat-Abad garden, Khaan bazaar, Shesh Badgir (6-wind catchers) water reservoir, Zargari bazaar, Hagi-Qanbar bazaar, the Zoroastrian fire temple, the house of the Laari, Davazdah-Emam temple, Dakhmeh (the tower of Silence), Fahraj garden mosque, mirror and light museum, the museum of water, Heydarzadeh coin and the museum of the anthropology, the museum of science, the museum of Natural-history, Vaziri museum, the museum of the documents, the museum of the Holly defense etc.

Wind-catchers, desert tours, Kalhand and Bahadoran protected areas, Old trees (between 800 to 1500 years old), lifting Nakhl in the rites (religious mourning), Oghaab (Eagle) mountain are the other attractions of Yazd.

Carpets, Rugs, Gelim, Velvet, Zari, Chador-Shab, handkerchief, Qanaviz, Ahraami, Shamad (Sheet), Termeh, Curtain, Zilou, Carpet-cloth, Karbaas, Boqcheh, Longe, Bath-scrub, carpet-bag, blanket, ceramic, tile, Giveh (Traditional shoes), etc. are the souvenirs and handicrafts of Yazd.

All traditional cookies such as Baqlava, Qotaab, Pashmak (cotton-candy), Loze-Nargil, Haji-Badam, and Halva-Ardeh are really popular.

The city of Yazd is the 3rd attractive city for the tourists, after Shiraz and Isfahan that all together form the golden triangle of tourism of Iran.


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