This beautiful Island which looks like a dolphine is located at the entrance of Hormoz strait in Persian Gulf. Its area is 1500 square kilometers which is bigger than 22 countries and it’s one of the greatest islands in the world and the greatest dependent island. The length of the island is about 135 km and the shortest distance along the way between Laaft port and the mainland is about 1800 meters.


In winter while the most people in most places in the country are living in snow and cold, this island with Flowers and plants has special beauty and Freshness which locals and tourists enjoy being dressed in summer clothes. Qeshm and other nearby islands such as Hengam, Laarak, Hormoz, Naaz, Sand island and others are the continuations of the Zaagros mountains which all shape Hormoz strait and the mountains of Omaan.

During Hakhamaneshian dynasty the city of Qeshm has been strategic place as a water thoroughfare, trading and military basis. During Safavieh dynasty it contained over one hundred populated villages.

This beautiful island has many natural and historic attractions such as Kharbas caves dating back to the Maad era. Star Valley which is registered as a Geo-park, Zeytoon beach park, Golden beach, recreation ground complex (Simin beach resort), palm tress, Naaz islands, Hengam island, Hormoz island, Laarak island, Sand island, old and new Bazaar, Payposht historic dam connected with Sasanian era, the Portuguese castle, traditional ship making Factories, air-ducts of Laaft port, Telow wells, Naderie castle, Chaahkouh valley, (western Chahou village), Tabl village called Qeshm Roof, Salt caves, (Kanie village) Saltshaker 3 (the biggest salt caves) in the world, Coral Rocks, markets of Dargahaan city, Giahdaan village, Bo tress, Harraa forest with special trees like Sandal with the roots coming out of water, foxes, birds and other animals.

In scuba diving school, we can do water sports or pass diving courses, enjoy watching corals, fishes and other marine creatures.

You should not miss the sea and the traditional foods as: fish, shrimp, ‘Ghalieh Maahie’, ‘Havarie Maahie’. ‘Havarie Maygou’ and so on.

Hengam island in the south is the Dolphin reserve which houses the eagle-like muzzle turtles, crabs, star fish, Jelly Fish and other nice aquarium fishes too. Crocodile farm, Tattoo with Henna, traditional foods and bread are the other attractions of this island.

Hormoz island in East with its over 72 colorful soils is one of the world’s wonders. Portuguese castle, the beach ring road, the North view of Hormoz strait, sea birds, flamingos, crabs and the soil carpet designed using natural colorful soils by artists each year, are the other attractions of this island.

The handicrafts of Qeshm:

Traditional ship making, sewing Golabetoun, sewing Khous, sewing Sak, Sond, Henna tattoo, marine knick-knacks and jewelry, and hand-made products made of palm leaves.

The advantage of traveling to Qeshm and the islands around as a free zone is that the tourists can enter and stay in up to two weeks without visa.

To enjoy the attractions of Qeshm Island thoroughly, minimum of a week is recommended.    



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