One of the most beautiful areas in Iran is the coastline of the Caspian Sea in the north of the country which each city and area along it, has its own beauties and tourist attractions.


It needs about a week to make a short visit to these areas and it takes two days of non-stop driving just to past by them.

The zero-line border of Iran and Azerbaijan is Astara harbor with coordinates N38, 26.03 , E 48,52.869 , h-23 m.

Along the road towards the south you will pass through the cities like: Talesh, Asalem, Rezvanshahr, Anzali port, Zibakenar, Kiashahr, Chamkhaleh, Langrood, Roodsar, Raamsar, Tonekabon, Chaloos, Nowshahr, Noor, Royaan, Mahmoodabad, Fereydoonkenar, Babolsar, Farahabad, Amirabad, Behshahr, Galoogah, Gaz port, Torkman port, Komish tapeh, Komish tape jik. At the end, you will reach the zero-line border of Iran and Turkmenistan, Makhdoom Qoli border watchtower with coordinates: N34, 20.345 , E53, 58.234 , h-23 m which covers over 800 km.

The Caspian sea is the biggest lake in the world which has 6400 km coast that about 992 km of it is located in Iran.

There are a lot of attractions which you cannot miss along this coastline such as: Arasbaran Forests, Heyran neck, Astara border markets, Stil Lagoon of Astara with floating trees, Asalem to Khalkhal road, Gisoom Forest and sea side, Anzali Lagoon, Lahijan telecabin, Ramsar attractions and its spa and telecabin, Namakaabrood telecabin, Abbasabad road through forest, Royaan dam lake, Behshahr dam lake, Miyankaleh Lagoon, Ashooradeh Island, Naaz field and all North sea side and south jungles and green mountains, rice fields, tea fields, cotton and sun flower farms, fruit gardens and entertainments such as: swimming, boating, water sports, and water trips are other attractions of this trip.

Local foods of the north in this area such as Ashe doogh, fresh fish, honey, and top milk, sour Kebab and chain restaurants of Akbarjoojeh, in Golestan privence are the other attractions.

At the end, you can visit Inche Boroon border market at N37, 26.330 , E 54, 37.514 , h 100 m.

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