Varkane village locates 18 Km away in South-East of Hamedan at E48,26.456 & N34,45.785 and about 2250 meters above the sea level.

The unique architecture of the village has created a tourist attraction which is made of stone, wood and mud as the building materials and mortar. The village is always clean and neat. The homes in the sunset look like the memorial of the Europe in the Renaissance.

To reach the village, after the last exit from Hamedan to Malayer (2 Km away from Emam-Hossin Sq.), there is a sign showing the way to Ekbatan Dam and surrounding villages. An asphalt road after about 18 Km through beautiful sites such as Ekbatan Dam, Yalfan, Shams-Abad and Aliabad villages goes to the Varkaneh village.

The population of Varkaneh consists of about 170 families. It is in Zagros Mountains, at the East corner of Arzanfar River and around the Qanat of the village. The creation of the village goes back to Safavieh era. It is cool and mild in the summer and cold and bitter in winters.

Mehri-Khanoum Castle, horse stable, Emamzadeh Qarib temple, old mosque, bath, telecommunications Co., school, Kharman-Jaa, bakery and the water mill are the main parts of the village. There is an echo-lodge at the entrance of the village too.

The Varkaneh economy is based on farming and husbandry, several springs; water the apple, walnut, grape and apricot trees in the gardens.

Abgousht, Kabab and various kinds of Aash such as Omaaj, Palteh, Vareh, Jow (barley) and Tarkhineh are the major cuisines.

Varkaneh village is on the way of the tribes’ migration and in the spring and autumn has its special attractions. Handcrafts, meat wool, dairy products, potato, vegetable, bean, pea, wheat, and barley are the main agricultural products of the village.

It is advised to visit this beautiful village on your trip to Hamedan.


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