• Persepolis

    Shiraz- Fars province
  • Maranjab Desert

  • Roudkhan Castle

    Founan- Gilan province
  • Laft Port

    Qeshm island- Hormozgan province
  • Damavand Summit

    Haraz road- Mazandaran province
... advises must-see attractions in Iran.

 Iran as the oldest country in the world is located at the crossroads of the world, the big part of the Silk Road which is located in the Middle East. This country with the area of 1648195 square km. contains 11 climates out of 13.The difference of the temperature in all seasons in different geographical regions varies up to over 40°c which makes the variety of attractions.This mountainous country that its altitudes are from 27 m. below the sea level up to 5671 m. above, includes 8000 flora, 2300 medicinal plants, 168 kinds of wild mammals, 514 kinds of birds, 174 kinds of fishes, 20 kinds of reptiles and amphibians, contains 10 national parks, 5 national natural landmarks, 36 wildlife shelters and 47 reserve parks.The primitive humankind has lived in this country over 1 million years that includes 12000 years of civilization and over 2500 years of written history. That’s why this country is known as the cradle of civilization and history of the world.This country is the heritage preserver of the history, civilization, culture, art, religions, and wonderful nature including friendly and hospitable people.

Iranian Cheetah

Touran National Park- Semnan province

Nashtifan Windmills

Mashhad- khorasan-Razavi

Qashqai great migrating tribe

Firouzabad- Fars province