Pahlavani (athletic) is the Iranian traditional marshal art. It is a combination of national and Islamic culture, knowledge and ancient Persian beliefs. The sport consists of some flexibility, strength and rhythmic actions by about 10 to 20 men that each has an instrument which is a symbol of an ancient weapon.


The ceremony takes place in a Zoorkhaneh (a traditional sport club) which is a dome shaped area. It includes an eight corner area lower than the ground level for sport men called “Goad”. Each Zoorkhaneh has a place for viewers too. “Morshed”, the Pahlavani ceremony leader, sings heroic and contentful poems and he plays a Tamburin. The poems that are sung by Morshed include social educations and make the Zoorkhaneh literature. Participants may be attracted from various social classes or any religious background and each group has a strong relationship with their local society. They try to help all poor people. During training, trainers will be familiar with the behavioral values and magnanimity, under the control of an old hand. Trainers are professional in personal martial arts and skills. They follow the religious principles and they have passed intellectual behavior. They may have Pahlavani level that it indicates their social position and strength.

There are about 500 Zoorkhanehs all over Iran now. The members are sportsmen, Pahlavans, and the old hands. It is recommended to visit this Iranian unique ancient and traditional sport in big cities at night with arrangement and getting information about the club and enjoy the experience of a unique and special environment. You can also get information about its culture, traditions and philosophy.


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