Kish island with the area of 91 km2 located in Lengeh county in Hormozgan province, it is 18 km away from the South of coastline in the Persian gulf, between E53,53 to E54,04 and N26,29 to N26,35.


Kish is an oval shaped island, its length is 15 Km from East to West axis and the width is 7.5 Km from North to South axis. The highest point is located at the center which is about 45 m higher than the sea level. Kish is located in the East of Hendorabi and Lavan islands and in the North of Farour Island. Hendourabi is the closest island to Kish, which is just 28 km away.

Kish coral Island has been the center of trading among Iran, China, Africa and Europe in the past. Not only accessing to the island is by air, but also there are some passengers and cargo ships transferring from Chaarak port.

Kish has a unique and beautiful nature, with quiet shore and white coral sands. The unique and the clear sea water that fishes can be seen-through it in a few meters deep, suitable flora and this ever green island makes a beautiful view which attracts sea and nature lovers each year. Coral shores, flora & fauna, fishes, birds, the sky of the island at night, Derakht-e-Sabz (the green tree), the Ahovan (the gazelles) Park, sea turtles etc. are the nature attractions of the Kish Island.

The island locals, Harireh historic city, Ayani monument, the bath, traditional water reservoir, Payaab, Kaariz (Qanat), Baaqou village, Hour cottage, old mosques, the Greek ship, Marjan beach park, fun dock, Mirmohanna dock, Dolphins park, birds garden, fishing, sea and traditional food, facilities for sports in the island, entertainments, diving, Carting, Buggy, horse riding, cycling, bowling, glass-boats, swimming beach clubs, beach volley ball, beach football, fun ships, the Art park, the museum of wonderful creatures, tennis court, silver shores, Jet ski, water ski, sun bathing, massage, live music, zoo, watching passing ships and oil-tankers, electric motor bikes, Sag way, Banana, Hydroponic farm, Artists corridor, boating, flying, Lenj riding, Hendourabi island, exhibitions, parachuting, local handicrafts, Kish souvenirs, sea jewelries, Jenniha valley, museum of marine creatures, concerts, conferences, free zone markets etc. are other attractions of Kish island.

You can travel to Kish Island in the whole year and the accommodation, restaurants, fun and markets are always active. But because of the warm and humid weather of the island, the colder half of the year is recommended. Kish Island as a free zone does not need a visa for foreigners up to two weeks.


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