The cultural-historical complex of Taaq-e-Bostan is located at the west of Iran, Kermanshah-the province, the North of Kermanshah-the city, at the end of Taaq-e-Bostan Blvd. which coordinates E47, 07.872 & N34, 23.216 and about 1365 meters above the sea level.

In this complex there are two big and small Taaqs (Arches/Roofs), the Ardeshir’s epigraph, a stone and Qajars museum. There are also two water springs and a lake that makes the area in front of the Taaqs amazing. The epigraphs are remained from the Sasanid dynasty and before Islam.

Taaq-e-Bostan consists of two names which mean arch on the stone.

The bigger arch is a magnificent epigraph in Taaq-e-Bostan. It is artistic inside and outside for its design and decoration. Outside the arch two living trees are stone cut as the symbol of life and immortality. The edges have been designed by stone cut tulips and other plants. There are two winged angels above the arch; who have a cup of pearls in one hand and a ring with a ribbon toward the crescent in the center in the other hand. In both sides inside, there are the stone cut pictures showing the hunting of the bore and deer as the oldest animation of the world. At the end part of the arch on the wall on top, Khosro-Parviz in the center is getting the ring as the symbol of power from a priest on his left side. On his right side is Anahita, the lady-God of the running water, holding the ring of power toward Khosro-Parviz in one hand and in the other hand a jar purring water under Khosro-Parviz’s feet as the symbol of blessing. In the bottom, there is a horse rider that is believed is Bahraam, the god of triumph and victory.

The smaller arch includes the epigraph of two men, who are different just for their crowns. There are two inscriptions which describe these two men, as Shahpour the second and Shahpour the third.

Ardeshir the second’s epigraph, the 9th Sasanid’s king, is on the right side of the arches. It shows the coronation of Ardeshir the second. The Sasanid king is getting the ring of power from the priest with his right hand. On his left, the priest is giving the ring of power to the king. On the right side of Ardeshir, the God of passion is standing on a morning glory, protecting the king by a Barsam (shade). Joulianous, the defeated empire of the Rome, is under Ardeshir’s and the priest’s feet.

 It is advised to visit this cultural-historical tourist attraction on your trip to the West of Iran. You will also enjoy other attractions of Kermanshah. You should not miss the cuisines such as Dandeh-Kebab on your trip to Kermanshah.


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