Lalejin is a city in Simineh-Roud in Hamedan province. It is 21 Km away in the North-West of Hamedan and 5 Km away from the North of Bahar, on the way from Milajerd to Saleh-Abad. It is located in E59, 34 & N29, 48 and about 1750 meters above the sea level.




Simineh River starts from the North side of mount Alvand passing through the city. The weather in Lalejin is semi-dry and almost cool. Locals speak in Farsi and Aazari. The main agricultural products are wheat, barley, vegetables, alfalfa and grape.

Lalejin is famous for its almost 1000 ceramic and pottery workshops all around the city, which makes this city as the capital of ceramic handicrafts of Iran. Nowadays, many locals are working in this field in Lalejin, which has got the highest rate of employment among the cities of Hamedan province.

The ceramics and pottery handicrafts in Lalejin are being produced as traditional, decorative, artistic and practical things. They are exported to Hamedan and other cities too, but having and buying them from the workshops has its very special joy.

It is advised to visit Lalejin and its pottery workshops and ceramic markets on your trip to Hamedan and the Westbound of Iran.



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