Khranaq Village is in Ardakan the county, in Yazd province, 42 Km away from Ardakan, 85 Km away from Yazd, on the Ardakan-Tabas road, in E054, 46.658 & N32, 20.694 and 1790 meters above the sea level.

The village is located between the mountains and the desert. But it has green plains and mild weather with cold winters. The seasonal river of Kharanaq goes in the east, Kouh-Qaleh in the North-West and the desert in the South of the village.

Kharanaq is a very old village and it has been called “Khouranaq” which means the sun place of birth. Some believe that Kharanaq is older than Yazd and there have been old monuments for millenniums. So Kharanaq is an important archeological village including historical monuments.

The most important monuments are the castle, shakable tower, caravansary, Abrah Bridge, Mashhadak, Baba-Khadem, bath, watermill, the main mosque, Shotor-Galou, Aqa Farm, etc.

There is a high brick shaking minaret above the mosque that is about 15 meters higher than the roof and its diameter is 2 meters. It is the highest construction in the area and it has been used as a watching tower and a lantern home. It can be easily shaken by hand. The Kharanaq castle is said that is about 3000 years old. The area is about 1.1 hectares and is one of the greatest, the most complete and beautiful living village castles in Yazd province. It includes the main defending wall, tower, gate and Khandaq (Defending water canal surrounding the castle).

Kharanaq caravansary was established in Qajars era, built on one floor on a flat piece of land, based on Shah-Abbasi architectural style.

The villagers’ main job is farming and gardening. There are a few vets and the ladies weave carpet. The main products are wheat, barley, cotton, carrot and melon. In some seasons they work in mines and on constructions, because of no enough suitable lands, water shortage and other farming problems.

It is advised to visit this village on your trip to Yazd province.


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