The underground city of Oee is located under the city Noushabad in Kashan and in Isfahan province at E51,26.284 & N34,04.626 and 94 m above the sea level.


The underground city has been used as a shelter in the case of danger when the enemies attacked. It is about 12 m under the ground level; consists of a vast dense and complex area full of narrow corridors and small rooms. Oee is shaped under the old city and has been expanded up to the present city size. The underground city area has been expanded horizontally and vertically to save the people’s lives and protect their properties in dangerous situations.

Except the main entrance, the height of all other area is the same as a medium height man, which is between 170 to 180 cm. In short distances, on the walls, Pih-sooz (oil-lights) places were used for the lanterns can be seen. In some places inside the walls, small chairs to sit are shaped and in some rooms there are some shelves to put objects.

The air-conditioning of the underground city in Noushabad is through the canals, formed between the first floor and the ground level. The connecting wells between the floors used as a corridor, in addition, they caused to circulate the air between the floors which included the Qanat wells too.

Access to the area, because of the underground location, has been through a well and a narrow short canal. The underground shelter and defending architecture has affected the architectural plan of the city. In this case the entrance to this area must not have been easy. The light was provided by the Qanat wells and the lanterns.

Not only does the time of the construction of this monument go back to Sasanian dynasty and the beginning of Islam, but also during other eras such as Saljouqian, Safavieh and it has been used even in Qajarieh. This valuable complex was nationally registered in 2006.

It is recommended to visit this area when you travel through the city Kashan.



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